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  LDG centrifuge
PUT top-suspension scrape...
LWL-type horizontal spira...
CTL centri-fugal extracto
FWZ type inverting filter
GKF horizontal scraper di
GK/GKH Peeler Centrifuge
LW Decanter sedimentation
MY type crystallization,
AF type automatic back-wa
LS no-foundation charging
XJ XZ top suspension cent
LD type vertical suspensi...
LGZ series vertical full-...
SS type three-column cent
          About us

Zhangjiagang City Jiuzhou Special Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of centrifuges. With dozens of years' experiences in the manufacture, design and research of centrifuge, we now have more than 10 engineers and 20 technicians.

Boasting top-notch technicians, we are now capable of the design and manufacture of SS-type, SB-type, SX-type, SG-type, SD-type, SDXZ-type, SSC-type, SGZ-type,


XJ-type, XZ-type, AUT-type,LW-type, LWL-type, LS-type, LD-type, LGZ-type, LB-type, PD-type, B-type, PGZ-type, WF-type, GKH-type, FWZ-type centrifuges with over 50 varieties according to the following industry standards: JB/T10769.2-2007 Technological conditions of three-column and flat-plate centrifuge, JB/T10769.1-2007 three-column and flat-plate centrifuge model types and parameters, JB/TQ619-90 three-column centrifuge product quality class, JB19815-2005 centrifuge safety requirements, JB/T4335-91 scroll discharge sedimentary centrifuge technical conditions, and JB/T8652-1997 scroll discharge screen centrifuge technical conditions. Sticking to the policy of Quality First, we have applied quality control on product quality and the whole production process. And we have approved by UAKS ISO9001.

All products are manufactured as per the national standard JB/T10769-2007。 Upholding the tenet of "Quality Products, Outstanding Quality, Perfect After-sale Services", we warmly welcome the visits and business of friends from home and abroad!

Main products: centrifuge, full-automatic centrifuge, suspending-bag centrifuge, clean sealed centrifuge, horizontal spiral centrifuge, vertical flat-plate scraper centrifuge。

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